On 810DTC want 133Mhz performance, but not pay extra $10 or more?!

Think 810DT+, now run at 133 for only $3 more and save $7!


For some time already the AZZA 810DT+ is available. AZZA 810DT+ is an 810DTC (PCB version 3.3 and above) with the S-151 Booster card. The Booster card plug in the motherboard's CPU Slot 1 and pumps up the Front Side Bus capabilities from 100Mhz on an ordinary 810DTC to 133Mhz.   Currently 133Mhz FSB with Intel 810 chipset is only possible using the costly 810E Northbridge. The 810DT+, 810DTC with S-151 Booster, card cost about US$ 3 more then a normal 810DTC. Which saves you compared to an 810E based motherboard for 133 FSB performance, US$7 or more.


The next version of AZZA 810 based motherboards will use the new generation South Bridge, ICH2. With FSB 133Mhz and ATA 100Mhz, i.e. 810E2 chipset.  AZZA will skip using the 810E since the Booster card is more cost effective. For 810E2 equipped boards are planned to go into pre-production by the end of February 2001.

For more information check with your AZZA account manager.