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Dear customers,
With the aim of providing you with an excellent RMA support, we have devised a proper
RMA procedure for you. The RMA procedure clearly spelt out the packing and
documentation requirement that is required by us when you send the faulty boards to
us for repair.
This procedure is important to us to prevent further damages on the boards due to
mishandling by the forwarder, or unnecessary delay at the customer as a result of
improper documentation. Failure to comply with the procedure will inevitably result
in unnecessary delay.
Thanks and regards,
Service Department
Pro Team Computer Corp.
Step 1: Determine the quantity of boards which you are sending back to us.
Step 2: Request for a RMA Request Form from our respective sales representative
that service your account. You may also download the form from the web
Step 3: Duly fill all the particulars and information requested in the request form.
Paying special attention to the fault description. A detailed description of
the fault will help us to address the problem speedily and thus enhance
your RMA turnaround time.
Step 4: Fax the form or submit the form via web to us for a RMA number.
Step 5: Within 2 working days of submission, you should be issued with a RMA number.
The number should be in five digits format beginning with the year followed by 
three digits. For example:
99XXX or 00XXX. If you failed to receive the RMA number within 2 working days, 
kindly contact ourrespective sales representative servicing your account via
phone or email.
Step 6: Upon receiving the RMA number, kindly indicate on each and every pieces  
of your board with the RMA number either with a tag or 
a sticker paste on the slot.Please refer to Picture 1 for the correct position
on the board to indicate the number.
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(Picture 1)
Step 7: After label the faulty boards, kindly package the board   
with a proper anti-static or bubble bag to prevent the
board from static shock and damage as a result of shipping.
Please refer to Picture 2 & 3 for the types of bag to be used.
rma2.jpg (13948 個位元組) rma3.jpg (14741 個位元組)
(Picture 2) (Picture 3)
Step 8: When packing the board into the carton box,
please ensure sufficient cushion to prevent the board
from handling damage. Refer to Picture 4 for example
of packing into a carton box.
rma4.jpg (13744 個位元組)
(Picture 4)
Step 9: Indicate the RMA number on the left hand upper corner
of the carton box.If the number of boxes are more than one,
kindly indicate the box with the RMA number follow by the box number.
For instance, if there is three boxes,the three boxes should be
indicated as 99XXX / 1,99XXX / 2 and 99XXX /3 respectively.
Refer to Picture 5 on the correct position to indicate on the boxes.
rma5.jpg (11091 個位元組)
(Picture 5)
Step 10: RMA are to be indicated clearly on all shipping documents,
which include airway bill, custom invoice and packing list.
This is important to expedite the custom clearance process.
Step 11: After sending the good, please fax a copy of the shipping documents,
which include airway bill, custom  invoice and packing list,
to our respective sales representative servicing your account.
This is to notify us of RMA return as well as clearing the RMA
goods from the custom.
For further questions, please e-mail to rma@azza.com.tw