Virtual Drive virtual_drive.gif (2826 個位元組) a CD emulation tool that can enhance your new or existing CD ROM Drive to an ultra fast 500X CDR and 22 disks CD array. With this unique tool, that comes free with every AZZA mainboard, you can create up to 22 virtual CD ROM drives, that are easily accessible through Windows Explorer just like any other disk drive.

Virtual Drive comes with a revolutionary compression capability that allows you to copy and compress all data or selective data from a CD disk into your hard disk. By doing so, you can add up to 22 virtual CD profile to your "Virtual Drive Manager" just like any CD array.

Another amazing feature of this CD emulation tool is that you can enjoy the luxury of accessing different CD disks with just a few click of the mouse button. You can forget about the hassle of changing the CD disks as there is no need for a CD disk to be physically present in your CD ROM drive when you play any audio, game or application CD. Moreover, Virtual Drive allows you to play all the 22 audio, game and application CDs stored simultaneously.

With the latest caching technology, Virtual Drive allows you to access the CD data at an incredible speed of 500X. It maximizes your satisfaction in playing games or large application file.