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AZZA-UP™ "More than just a Panel"



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AZZA-Utility Panel or AZZA-UP™ for short, brings to AZZAŽ boards

Front USB  
2 or more USB ports (USB 1.1)
Front Audio  
Microphone in (mono),
Line-in (stereo),
(Head)Phones out (stereo).


AZZA-UP Requirements
  • A free 51/4" drive bay
  • An "AZZA-UP Ready" board, all AZZA boards with one of these logos:

Supports AZZA-UP USB only

Supports AZZA-UP USB and Audio

For a complete "AZZA-UP Ready" motherboard list see AZZA-UP Ready boards.
Note: The exact number of ports supported depends on the features of the AZZA board.


AZZA-UP Assembly Features
  • USB and Audio cables are long enough to mount AZZA-UP
    in the top bay of most 3 and 4 bay cases.
  • AZZA-UP panel and cables are designed to reduce EMI,
    AZZA-UP has approval under
    Certificate No: C132005.
AZZA-UP Options
  • AZZA-UP Harddisk mounting brackets
    Mount a 3.5" storage device behind AZZA-UP
  • AZZA-UP USB Monitor software
    A Windows™ diagnostic program to give a 2nd opinion
    about USB device connections
AZZA-UP Packaging
  • Retail box
    As accessory to "AZZA-UP Ready" boards
  • Bundle
    Bundled with an "AZZA-UP Ready board"
    current bundle model 815EP+, 815EX+
AZZA-UP Availability
Check with your nearest AZZA reseller for more information.
See Where to Buy AZZA Boards